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Hi there! I'm Michelle


I  help people earn more, reduce debt, get financially organized, and save & spend smarter... so you can spend less time worrying about the dollars and more time doing what you love.



But we can't do them if we feel completely disorganized and out of control with our finances.

This is where coaching can help.

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Work With Me




You make great money... but wonder where the hell it all goes and why you're not further ahead in life. You're not alone! Let's uncover how your beliefs and experiences with money are really driving your financial decisions so we can then create an action plan for earning more, spending and saving smarter, managing debt, and getting financially organized and protected.

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Many Americans - at all income levels - live paycheck to paycheck and under the constant strain of juggling a fixed income and unexpected expenses. You can bring the gift of financial literacy to your workplace to help employees improve their financial wellbeing, be more productive and present while on the job, and reduce healthcare costs associated with financial stress.



It's not just what you do with your money, but why you do what you do with it that matters. In this online course, you'll discover the reasons behind why you might be stuck in debt or not saving or earning enough, and how to improve your financial decisions and get your finances on track in as little as 21 you can start making some real progress with your money!


“I was taken aback by just how much time and money I'd been wasting. I'd been mismanaging both, and it was impacting my life and hurting my business. But after working with you for just a few months, I now actually look forward to reviewing my progress each week. Thanks for helping me see the light!"

Janet B.

"You've been a constant source of motivation and encouragement! I can't believe went years living in such a state of disorganization. I felt closed in, stagnant and un-creative. You've helped me get not only digitally organized, but financially organized, and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Michelle!"

Tina M.

“Working with you helped me improve my attitude about money so much. Instead of just spending money, I actually think about what I'm spending, why I'm spending it and whether what I'm spending is helping me reach my goals. So thank you for helping me finally understand why I do what I do!”

Natasa J.

Hi, I'm Michelle

I've been called a financial powerhouse who helps people transform their relationship with money so they can create financial momentum and accelerate their personal and professional growth to make an extraordinary impact on their family for generations to come.


After digging myself out of $204k of debt and climbing the corporate ladder of success, I've come to realize financial wellness is the real driver of overall wellbeing. When I figured this out, I leapt at the opportunity to help others get out of debt, address their money problems head on and get their financial lives organized and on track, for good.


I'm an ESTJ 80’s loving Sagittarius who tells it like it is and an auntie to 6 nephews and two seriously adorable pups. When I'm not planning or going on my next adventure, I love to play volleyball, kickbox, drive fast cars, and jump out of airplanes.


And I cannot wait to help you achieve all of your financial dreams as well!

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