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Corporate Financial Wellness

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At one point I was $200,000 in debt. Constantly stressed out... juggling monthly payments... always wondering where the money was coming from this month... and the next.

While I knew what I did to get myself into that mess...

I wondered why I did it.


Why did I let it get so bad?

Why did I not plan better?

Why did I think I could spend like this and not pay the price?

I remember struggling BAD when I was in my early 20's... and then living it up. 


I started to build up some financial stability in my early 30's... but then lost it all.


And now, in my 40's, I've got my act together with my money.


And I want to help you get here too.

I knew it was me who got me in the mess I was in... and it was me who got me out of it.

I created a plan to get out of debt... but one that didn't require me sacrificing fun while doing it.

I discovered the joy of being in control of my money and how good it felt to earn it, spend it and save it in massive quantities.

I stopped stressing out all the time about where the money was coming from and live well, but within my means.

I spent over 10 years educating employers and employees about the importance of wellbeing...


And I've uncovered the keys to financial wellbeing.

I teach people just like you how to improve your financial, physical, and mental health all at the same time, so you can reduce stress, improve happiness and enjoy all that life has to offer.

I've developed an action plan to help you improve your overall wellbeing, not just your finances.

Unlike financial planners who only look at the numbers (or look at you as a number), I take into account the fact that financial stress is STRESS, and until you reduce that stress, your physical health and mental wellbeing will continue to negatively impact your life.

My prior role as a corporate wellness consultant has perfectly positioned me to provide guidance, tools, and techniques for improving not just financial health but overall wellbeing. 

Money impacts every aspect of our life:

  • Our Physical Health

  • Our Mental Wellbeing

  • Our Emotional Resilience

  • Our Social Connections

  • Our Careers and Income

  • Our Community Involvement

  • Our Environmental Living

My programs are centered around the fact that if we don't focus on how money affects every aspect of our wellbeing, one will always suffer. 

I want you to become Financially Well-thy™.

Are you ready to take action on improving not just your financial wellbeing, but your overall life?


I get sooo frustrated when I see otherwise smart, successful people struggling with being in debt, not saving enough and giving up on their dreams for living the good life.


Society, social media and commercialism push this idea of a perfect life - one that the average American just can't afford. And then we wonder why we're in debt up to our eyeballs!


Stressed out all the time over juggling our bills and feeling like we're stupid, lazy or crazy.


Everything's about whether we can afford the monthly payments, rather than whether we really need it, how it'll enhance our actual lives, or if we can afford the total cost of it.


Women, especially, tie money to feelings of security, yet are frustrated because we've never been taught how to manage money, and then wonder constantly if we're making the right decisions, or if our decisions are at the detriment of our family's financial futures.


We need to stop the madness! 


- We have to manage our money based on our own values, not the imagined ones we see in social media or on TV.


- We need to start having honest conversations about our money struggles and support each other, rather than play the comparison game.


- We must collectively learn from each other and create a financial revolution that will change the trajectory of our financial futures!

THIS is why I do what I do, and why I want to help you!

I AM...

An 80's loving GenX girl who's lived through teased bangs and bad perms, high-waisted Z Cavaracci's, white scrunchy socks with high top tennis shoes, neon everything, and big shoulder pads.

Over-the-moon in love with, and I mean, my two pups, Kaya and Mila. (oh, who am I kidding? I'm just obsessed with all dogs.)


A volleyball lover. Wilson!


A fan of 70's rock, 80's hair bands and metal love ballads, and 90's country music.

A bit of a daredevil… jumping out of planes, driving race cars, hiking up tall mountains… all in a single leap!


Ambitious! I started working at the age of 10… and have no intention of ever stopping. (is it really working if you love it?)


An awesome auntie - who needs kids when you've got five nephews?