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Money struggles are universal: the wealthy worry about keeping up the pace of their lifestyle; while the poor are constantly concerned about scraping together enough to just get by. 

When people are dealing with significant debt, they're much more likely to have associated health problems: 

  • Headaches​

  • High blood pressure

  • Ulcers

  • Depression

  • Moderate to severe anxiety


What people do with their money is still their business. But employers and community leaders can benefit greatly by helping them manage and stretch their paychecks. 


It doesn't matter how much a person earns - if they don't know how to effectively manage that money, they will experience financial distress.

Are you seeing any of these signs of employee financial distress?

  • Wage garnishments

  • Requests for payday loans

  • Increased on-the-job accidents

  • Overtime abuse

  • Longer work breaks or need to make phone calls

  • Disability or Workers Comp claim increases

  • An increase in stress or anxiety-related medical or prescription claims

  • Unexplained outbursts while at work​

If so, then financial distress may be the culprit, robbing your organization of valuable productivity time, not to mention, employee morale!





46% of workers spend 3 or more hours per week thinking about their finances while on the job, which equates to an average of $5,000 per employee in lost productivity! On the other hand, employers can expect a return on their investment in financial education:

  • Reduced absenteeism and higher productivity (average $7,000/employee/year)

  • Reduced workplace accidents ($29,000 average savings per accident)

  • Lower employee turnover ($8,000 per replaced employee)

Show your people you care by providing financial wellness education in the form of a workshop, seminar/webinar or one-on-one coaching!


Click below for details and feel free to reach out to schedule a time to chat.