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Financial Wellness Courses & Resources

Use these courses and resources to master the art of managing money so you can stop stressing and start thriving! Earn More. Reduce Debt. Get Financially Organized. Save & Spend Smarter.

And reach all of your financial goals faster!

Grow Your Money Mojo
21-Day Challenge

Discover how to improve your financial mindset, break the cycle of stress and worry, and get your entire financial life on track - in as little as 21 days!


You'll get immediate access to all 21 days of lessons to help you start thinking differently about your approach to money and give you actionable steps to begin making progress in each area of your financial life. Take it one day at a time, or at your own pace - it's your choice!


This week is focused on helping you understand why you make the money decisions you do, so you can start making wiser, healthier decisions going forward.

DAY 1: Getting Real About Money

DAY 2: Decide Your Destination

DAY 3: Challenge Yourself

DAY 4: Mastering Your Money Mentality

DAY 5: Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

DAY 6: What's Your Financial Identity?

DAY 7: Buyer Beware!


This week is focused on taking charge of the tactical aspects of money management: spending, budgeting, saving and debt management.

DAY 8: Inspiration & Accountability

DAY 9: Let's Talk Dollars & Sense

DAY 10: Get Real with Your Spending

DAY 11: Let Go of Your Budgeting Baggage

DAY 12: Psychology of Saving Up

DAY 13: Debt is More Than State of Money

DAY 14: Supercharge Your Savings


This week is focused on creating a fab financial future through investing, protecting your financial identity, and planning for the unexpected.

DAY 15: Investing in You and Your Future

DAY 16: Getting Clear About Credit

DAY 17: Protecting Your Financial Identity

DAY 18: Peace of Mind Planning

DAY 19: Contingency Planning

DAY 20: Organizing Your Financial Life

DAY 21: Get a Happiness Boost


What's Your Budget Type?


When it comes to how you budget your money, there’s really no right or wrong way to do it - but there is a right way to do it for YOU. Take this quiz to learn which type of budget is best for you  based on your current financial patterns and personality traits.

Budget Builder Workbook

Have you tried to budget in the past but keep falling off the budgeting wagon? Maybe it's because you haven't yet figured out your real budget - one you can stick to and use regularly! If this is you, then check out this budget builder workbook.

Financial Toolkit

This Toolkit is a one-stop shop for tracking your budget & expenses on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, calculating your net worth, paying off debt (even student loans), and tracking progress toward your financial goals.

365 Days of Money

Full collage.png

Managing money can be easy... when you take it one step at a time! Get one daily prompt to help you learn how to save more, reduce debt, and feel financially confident with this simple to use action plan!

Financial Docs Cheat Sheet

Multi-Page Image.png

It's important to keep good financial records, but how do you know which ones to save and for how long?  Use this cheat sheet as a guide to when and how to save all of your important financial documents and records!

Get a Fiscal Check-Up


Being financially healthy is about more than the amount of money you have in the bank – it’s about creating resiliency to face all of life’s ups and downs. How do you know if you're financially healthy in every area of your financial life? Get a fiscal check-up today to find out!

Do you ever wonder why you make the money decisions you do?


Take this fun quiz to learn more about why you make the financial choices you do, and then learn how to make better ones going forward so you can start saving more, spending smarter, and feeling financially confident!

If you've been hesitant to invest in coaching, and just need a quick call to get on track, then the Power Hour Financial Coaching Call is for you.

In just one hour, we can work together to:

  • Uncover why you make the financial decisions you do

  • Figure out which budgeting style is best for you

  • Create an action plan for reducing your debt quickly

  • Make a plan for reaching your savings goals faster

  • Get more financially organized and protected

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