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Is a Group Workshop Right For You?

Here's the Thing...

I want you to have a money plan… to stop living paycheck to paycheck, spend money without feeling guilty, feel confident you're saving the right amounts in the right types of accounts, knowing you've got all the right insurance plans in place, and getting (and staying) out of debt.


This group workshop will set you up for success in each of these areas of your financial future. So stop feeling frustrated and unprepared, and start working with a mentor who can get you where you need to be - faster, and with less frustration and confusion!



You'll participate in a weekly one-hour virtual class with Q&A, get activities designed to achieve immediate results, and have access to a private Facebook group where you'll receive ongoing financial coaching.

I only open up group workshops 4 times a year so you'll need to send me an application. If you're interested in being added to the waitlist for the next workshop, submit it now using the link below!


How I'll Take You From Financially Stressed-Out and Overwhelmed

to Confident and In Control in Just 7 Weeks!