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Americans at all income levels live paycheck to paycheck, saving next to nothing and living under the constant strain of debt. Employees’ health and well being - physical, emotional and financial - directly impacts their performance on the job as well as the company’s bottom line. What’s driving employee financial stress, and what can companies do about it?


This video explains more about the need for offering financial literacy education at the workplace. Watch to learn more.


Most families have fixed expenses that they expect to pay each month, leaving little wiggle room in their budget for unexpected expenses. A financial shock, such as a car repair or a loss of income from fluctuating work hours or a pay cut, makes stretching those dollars even more difficult. This video highlights just a few American households who are at the center of this struggle to achieve and maintain financial security.

These stories are the reason why financial literacy can be such a critical step toward bridging the gap between financial disaster and financial security.