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Have you ever felt completely out of alignment, either physically or mentally, and aren't sure how you got to where you are? Feeling like everything is a struggle, or that the universe is trying to teach you a hard lesson, or life just seems to be sucking everything out of you?


Yeah, I've been there too.


It's like a car that's out of alignment - as soon as you let your hands off the wheel, it starts to veer off the road and in a direction you don't want to go. Leaving you scrambling to get back on track.


I remember years ago watching the movie "The Secret" and while it is a bit woo-woo, the message still hit home! The point of the movie is that what we expect of the universe is exactly what we'll get. It's known as the Law of Attraction… and just like magnets - one side repels, one side attracts - you are always in a position to use energy positively or negatively.


As it relates to money, if we're constantly saying "I can't afford it" or "I'm broke", then the universe hears us and responds accordingly by reinforcing our belief that we are broke and can't afford what we want.


But in terms of attracting abundance, we can turn around our thoughts, words, and actions by instead saying things differently, such as "I'm working on earning more so I can buy this" or "I'm temporarily out of money, but working to change that".


And more importantly, believing that our wants and needs are always being fulfilled by the universe - just maybe not in the timeframe we want them to be, or in the exact way we expect them to - opens us up to receiving exactly what we need when we need it most.


Remember though that wants and needs are very different things, so we must be patient in receiving our wants while being grateful for having our needs met.


Let's get back to alignment and energy now that we're clear on the Law of Attraction.


Alignment is tied to our energy. Energy is what pulls us in one direction or the other. We can get out of alignment when we start going down a path that's not right for us, pulling our energy away from the things that matter. And we can get back into alignment when we focus on the activities that will get us where we want to be, creating excitement and energy.


On the flip side, energy is like playing a game of hot and cold with our intentions. When we get closer to the thing we want, our energy is getting hotter, creating more to propel us forward. It's like a fire being fueled by the air we breathe. And when we get further from what we seek, our energy gets colder, making it harder to achieve what we desire, just like a douse of water on the flames.


Everything carries energy - EVERYTHING -  including money.


Money in and of itself isn't the energy - it's what we DO with our money that creates positive or negative momentum.


Ask yourself this question:


What have I done with my money that is helping it grow, and what have I done with my money that is making it go?


Be honest with yourself!


If you're simply spending, spending, spending, with no plan for how or why the things you are buying are going to propel your life forward in a positive way, then you're telling your money to go.


If you're saving and spending your money in ways that bring joy, peace of mind, and stability in your future, then you're telling your money to grow.


Here are four ways you can think about your money as you're saving and spending:


1. CLARITY: Are you clear about what you're asking your money to do for you?

2. FOCUS: Are you focused on using your money in ways that benefit you?


3. EASE: Are you making it easy for your money to go to work for you?


4. GRACE: Are you forgiving yourself for making mistakes with your money in the past, so you can move forward now?


It's when you start treating your money in this way that the universe rewards you in spades.


When people have these kinds of breakthroughs, they end up turning their financial status around - they earn more, spend less and become more grateful. Creating a positive cycle of abundance.


It's truly a cycle to behold!


But don't get me wrong - we all have our financial hang-ups and they never stop coming. We each carry worries, doubts, and fears about money that hit us at certain points in our life (or sometimes it feels like our every day). It's natural - but that doesn't mean we can't create mechanisms for managing them when they rear their ugly head.


There's actually a Buddhist term called "monkey mind" and it basically stands for the part of our mind that swings from doubt to worry to fear and back again.


Our brains are wired to find what's wrong with our world as a way to keep us safe.


Our ancestors had to constantly be on guard for wild beasts who could attack and eat them, so it's in our DNA to find the negativity or dangers lurking around the corner.


So what do you do when monkey mind takes over?


The first step is to recognize when our mind is leading us down the road to negativity. Symptoms of monkey mind are losing sleep, exhaustion, memory problems and an inability to focus and then letting your mind wander too far into 'what if' scenarios.


The solution to monkey mind is mindfulness.


When your mind wanders into 'what if' scenarios, focus instead on 'how to' thoughts. Instead of 'what if I run out of money in retirement?', re-focus on 'how can I start to save more now so I have enough in retirement?'


When you take action the universe will give you what you focus your energy on.


I've created a pdf to help you start addressing how you're applying energy to money to quell that monkey mind! 




I'd love to get your thoughts on how monkey mind has tried to help protect you, and how you're handling it. Comment below and start using the Energy of Money tracker today!

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