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"Very interesting / effective public speaking skills… wish we had more time!"



“Michelle was excellent! She related to the common person, didn't speak over our heads and provided great examples. Very warm and compassionate in the presentation."


"Michelle was an excellent presenter, knowledgeable and engaging."




Michelle Clark is the founder of Shake Your Money Tree, a financial wellness consulting and money coaching company focused on helping people build their knowledge, skills, and habits around personal money management.


She helps employers realize the benefits of improving employee financial wellbeing, including increased productivity, lower turnover, higher attraction rates, and improved company culture.


When employees are financially healthier, they're better able to bring their most focused and happiest selves to the workplace.


Michelle's passion for financial wellness can be traced back to her role as a Corporate Wellness Consultant, where she spent 10+ years educating employers about the importance of employee wellbeing, including how financial wellness is vital to employee physical, emotional and mental health.


In that role, she also led employee workshops to teach the basics of financial literacy, enabling participants to make and stick to a budget, start living on less than they earned, and learn how to better manage the money their employer paid them.


Michelle has spoken at various Human Resources organizations such as SHRM and DisruptHR, and has written articles and blog posts for numerous publications such as SHRM, Executives Club of Chicago, Corporate Wellness Magazine, BenefitsPro, Dentist Money Digest, Physician's Money Digest, and HR Daily Advisor.


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